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F airy Fencer F is a charming JRPG I first enjoyed on the Ps3. While I did like the game quite a bit, it had some absurd grinding trophies that required a lot of effort to complete post game due to the insane amount of money, enemy kills and upgrading they asked for. This is the new version of the game, Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark force. The game is even better with more storylines, characters, events, dungeons, and even endings! What they also did better was the trophy part: the amount of grinding required has been very significantly reduced this time around. It’s still time consuming, so here’s a method to get it done as quickly as possible. If you prefer a visual guide, you can check my video version right here.




The trophies we’ll be talking about here are (See Picture):

We’re In The Money – This trophy requires getting 5 million gold in total, which is extremely easy compared to the 100 Million you needed for the Ps3 version of the game (I remember farming 20 hours just for it… Yeah I’m crazy).

Berserker – Probably the longest grinding trophy to achieve in this new version. Killing 10000 enemies is a lot, even if you kill absolutely everything on your path and complete all playthroughs you will only achieve around 1/3 of this number naturally.

Fury Meister – The easiest of the 3 but still pretty grindy if you go for it blindly. Maxing out a character’s weapon takes quite a bit of skill points, as you need to buy every skill in every category (parameters, skills, magic, etc…)

Obviously, you will want to keep these last 3 trophies for last, when you’re already pretty powerful and have completed everything else, in order to make this process quick, smooth and painless. The following method will grind all 3 of these efficiently at the same time.


The setup for this farming method is pretty straightforward:
– You need Tiara at a high level whith as much magic power as possible.
– You need her Maelstorm spell unlocked
– You need Shukesoo’s tower’s alternate first floor unlocked through the free DLC available to anyone.

Set up your party with only Tiara as a battling character so she’s the only one that gets to play, that way there’will be no useless turns to skip during the farm, and she should always get the first (and only) turn in battle.

That’s it, you’re all set!

Strategy and flow

If you followed my advice and completed everything else in the game before tackling those last 3 trophies, Tiara should be powerful enough to kill every enemy in 1 maelstrom spell on Shukesoo’s Tower’s alternate 1st floor. There are 6 enemies on this floor, they drop cash and some items, and clearing the floor gives you some extra cash each time.

The process is extremely simple and fast: 

Select the floor and start the battle, skip the animations to do it as fast as possible. As the battle starts, Tiara gets the first turn. Select her Maelstorm spell and cast it quickly. This spell not only deals great amounts of damage but also doesn’t require any kind of targeting since it damages all enemies in the battle regardless of range and position, making it the most convenient grinding tool in the game. Skip the animation to speed up the process. If Tiara is as powerful as she should be, it will be an instant victory and will have taken only a few seconds. Once the battle is over, immediately select the floor again, rinse and repeat as long as you need for the trophies or as long as you can handle in a session.

Since this is a tower battle, all HP/SP will be recovered at the end the battle, meaning there’s no need for recovery whatsoever. You can grind this fight indefinitely without having to go back to town or use items or healing spells.

Every fight takes only a few seconds once you get the hang of what you need to select quickly and don’t forget to skip everything, and you get 6 kills, gold, and WP every time, meaning all 3 trophies progress quickly at the same time. Getting the kills should take the longest by far, so once you get it you will most likely have more than enough money and points for the other two.

I started at around 3500 enemy kills and less than 2 million gold after clearing most of the trophies in the game, and got to 10k kills, 5 million gold and way too many points for the weapon in less than 3 hours of farming this way.

It’s a bit boring but very simple and straightforward and not time consuming.

If you would prefer a visual reference for this farming method, I made a video on it (available on my youtube channel, see the link at the top of this post).

Well, off to more trophy hunting!


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