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I have been playing the diablo franchise ever since the very first game and have been loving it ever since. Not only that, it also gave me a taste for the whole hack and slash genre that ensued. While my favorite diablo was the second one, I have played Diablo 3 for quite a great amount of time. Not only the base version of the game, but also the Reaper of souls expansion that brought the infinite farm mode AKA adventure mode xD
This brought some almost endless gameplay possibilities with new sets, skills, the cube, and the rift system.



difficulty and rift evolution

When it first came out, adventure mode didn’t just bring everything we have known in recent seasons. At first, the new cap for difficulty settings was the brand new torment difficulty setting, and it went as far as 6. The cap was then raised to 10 then 16, as we know it today. The season system was also brand new at the time, and was a fun way to start anew and challenge yourself again during a limited period of time, with some exclusive bonuses for each season.

Now we have come a long way with Diablo 3, and this the 25th and probably final season of the game. I hadn’t played in awhile and decided to give this season a good shot, maybe hoping to reach the highest greater rift (GR) which is 150.

New tristram and its surroundings are beautiful no matter how many times I go back there.

definitely was favorite hub in the game. This little village besieged by zombie has such a great atmosphere.

I decided to play my favorite class, monk, especially since everyone was saying that the Inna build was very strong this season. I though it would be perfect for a final push to try and clear the highest rift, but as it turns out, I was pretty wrong. While there’s no denying the power of the build, I really didn’t enjoy playing it at all. Waiting for multiple timed buffs to overlap to get a single window of opportunity each cycle is not how I enjoy playing. This was a bummer, so I moved on to my second favorite class, barbarian.

I have always loved Frenzy so I naturally went for this build and had quite a lot of fun with it. It definitely lacked power and GR 150 would just be a distant dream (it would have required way too much farming to get there). So I just pushed until I barely managed to clear GR 140 and I was content with it. This was my own personal record anyway, and that would need to suffice.

That is when my friend stepped in. We had been playing together since the beginning of the season and he was even more hyped than me for this final season. After a few experiments, he went back to his favorite build ever: The wizard’s Firebird. It turned out to be very viable this season again, to the point where he managed to reach GR 150 and complete it. My poor barbarian couldn’t keep up anymore, and the best we achieved (or rather he achieved xD) while we were pushing as a duo was 147, and it was nothing short of a miracle, as my build definitely couldn’t handle something so high DPS wise.

That’s when I thought I simply couldn’t stop there! I knew my barbarian wouldn’t be able to do much better without a massive investment and I just didn’t feel like playing the Inna monk, so I decided to give the Firebird a shot myself. As expected, it took very little time to reach the level of power of my Frenzy barbarian (that’s how much difference in power there is from one build to another in this game), and I could focus on getting the best gear possible to make myself closer to reaching GR 150.

The firebird build was annonced as dead by many youtubers, but it turned out to be really powerful xD

Finding that conduit pylon is always a “yes!” moment when you reach high GRs. It is by far your best ally to rack up kills no matter how powerful enemies are.

Even when it was not yet complete, playing the firebird was a massive upgrade over the barbarian, or anything else as far as I’m concerned. I’m still having trouble understanding why it was considered bad for this season. Sure it can’t pack enemies as well as a monk  for instance, but that’s when the shortcomings end. The build packs a punch especially when it comes to AOE damage, setting the whole screen ablaze, it is the most tanky build with this kind of damage I’ve ever played thanks to the powerhouse shields that keep reforming passively, it has infinite ressource generation, and infinite teleporting without any cooldown. It seems like a pretty good deal to me. The only downside on PC seems to be the impossibility to spam tornadoes at the same time as you channel the ray, but on console this problem isn’t even there. Other that that, the only shortcoming I can think of is how tiring it gets for your hand to keep pressing almost all buttons without ever letting go xD

After farming for a while and getting the majority of ancient parts needed, I was slowly approaching the promised final challenge.

Once I became able to clear GR 146, it was obvious I wasn’t lacking that much in order to reach and complete the final rift. But I still needed that extra bit of power to propel myself a bit further. That is when I got lucky eventually got the (almost) perfect weapon, with all the good stats in ancient, and everything was almost maxed out. With that in hand, I “easily” managed to clear GR147 and my friend and I managed to clear a GR 150 as a duo (with the worst possible boss to boot xD). We were quite happy at the achievement especially since this season was our last shot at doing this. Now the only thing left was for me to clear my very own GR 150.

I had become powerful enough to kind of keep up with the rift timer, but no matter how many times I tried, I would just be missing about 1 minute, which quickly got frustrating. But my hope was that it would be possible to clear if I would just get a little push from a conduit pylon, which I had never seen in my 30 or so attempts.

But it eventually happened, with a double dose of luck, since the power pylon was also there! The boss that spawned was an easy one as well, the planets had aligned in my favor.

It feels so good when you finally reach your objective!

After so much time playing diablo it felt great to end on such a positive note. This screen felt like a certificate of some sort xD

It definitely felt good to finally reach the maximum floor in a game I have played so much during the last decade, and I’m thankful to my friend for giving me a boost (both in the game and hype wise) otherwise I would probably have stopped at my barbarian’s limit and never completed the maximum level with such a great build. It feels great to push myself a bit further like this and I hadn’t done that in quite a while.

I would like to encourage anyone who wants to get this done before the season is over. It’s a bit of work and investment, but this is the kind of stuff that makes for great gaming memories ^^

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