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O k, this happened while I was playing The seven deadly sins: Knights of Britannia (don’t you have a longer title honestly?) and going for the platinum, which requires you to S rank every single mission in the game. This is pretty easy for the most part, with the exception of a few missions that have infuriating conditions. Among these in the infamously frustrating trial 43, where this happened…



Ban the immortal

So for this trial, you play as Slader, which is one of the characters I hzte most (and so do many people) because he’s part of the group that cannot run, is very slow, and can’t possibly attack from a distance, his special attacks being all either close or mid range at best, and everything on the slow side, making it very easy for the AI to either block or dodge.

To get a S rank, you need a total score of 10000 at the end of the trial. You get points for time remaining, life remaining, highest combo count, and whatever you do during the fight as each hit scores points, especially special moves, and destroying objects grants you lots of points.

To make this as unfair as possible, the stage of this trial doesn’t have anything to break so you can’t rack up points this way, so your only hope is to score a maximum of points in battle by doing the longest combo strings possible, not losing too much life and finishing quickly.

Sounds easy? Well not so much here. Slader is slow and not very good at combos to begin with, and you’ve got a myriad of other problems to deal with. First of all, your opponents, Ban and King, don’t have a lot of HP, so you’re very limited in your attempts to score points before they die. Then you don’t have that much time considering your character is slow. Also, since you’ve got 2 opponents at the same time, the partner of whoever you’re currently hitting can just backstab you and completely mess your combos. And finally, Merlin is with you and can also deal too much damage to the opponents (especially if she uses her ultimate move) meaning you don’t have enough left to score enough points…

With all those conditions, it becomes a big game of RNG. Even if you’re doing really good, something can just screw you over even if you didn’t do anything wrong. But what happened to me was both funny and infuriating…

I was on my best attempt so far and had around 8000 points while still in the fight, meaning 10000 with the end bonus was pretty much guaranteed. All I had to do was to finish off the opponents. But I guess that’s where my luck ran out: my attacks left Ban with 1 HP left (out of 40000… What were the chances?) and then he triggered his ultimate move…

Unlike most characters, Ban’s ultimate isn’t a screen destroying super attack than you can just guard or dodge… No, he becomes infused with all sorts of buffs (attack, speed, armor..) and has unlimited magic for the duration, and even worse, he seals your magic as well! Without magic, you can’t even use recovers, dashes or dodges!

That’s the smile of someone who knows he’s gonna ruin your day xD

8533 points, 1HP left, and the timer goes out on me… That’s when you want to scream xD

Once he was in this berserker mode and all I could do was either block or do slow slose range attacks without even being able to teleport or dash, he eventually broke my guard and comboed me until the timer was up… And I lost my S rank opportunity with 8500points in battle and the opponent with just 1 HP… Of course the AI in my team didn’t do anything about it and that was a very frustrating fail.

Don’t hesitate to share any frustrating experiences in the comments, at least we get to laugh about those difficult times xD

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