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Hi there! I would like to take a minute giving a bit of background on myself as a gamer and on how I intend to make this website. If you’re interested about anything I will post here, here’s the gist of how I do things and the idea behind the content I will be making. I hope you have as much fun exploring this website as I do creating it.


Gamer tag : Karhos

DoB : 30/05/1983

Favorite color : purple

Hobbies : Trophy hunting, learning japanese


Favorite genres
  1. RPG (all types)
  2. Survival Horror
  3. fighting (vs, brawlers)
  4. Action / Adventure (TPS, Beat’em up, stealth)
  5. Platformer (Metroidvania, Mega man,etc…)
Favorite roles/archetypes
  • Healer/support 55% 55%
  • Tank 45% 45%
  • DPS 0% 0%
Favorite activities
  1. Video Games
  2. Animes
  3. Japan related stuff
  4. Martial Arts
Genres I don’t play
  1. Sports games
  2. Racing games (anything vehicle related really)
  3. FPS (with some exceptions like Borderlands or Metro)
Favorite class types
  • Dark Knight 100% 100%
  • Paladin 100% 100%
  • Cleric 100% 100%
  • Shaman 100% 100%
  • Necromancer 100% 100%
Twitch channel
Trophy collection
Youtube channel
My gaming background

My very first game was as soon as when I was 5 year old in cafe with my parents where I got to try out my first arcade machine. I discovered Golden Axe on it, and that was a hell of a game to start with: I instantly fell in love with it and just couldn’t stay away from that anymore. I was always bothering my family so we could go to that place so I could play it some more. Since It must have gotten both annoying and expensive, my family got me my first console when I turned 6: the fabled NES. Thus starting my lifelong (amateur) career of playing video games with classics such as Mario, ninja turtles, Zelda, Mega Man 2, Ghosts’n Goblins, etc… I was allowed to get one new console per generation and continued with the SNES, N64, Playstation 1,2,3, and finally 4. Never stopped playing for all that time, not even a single month. And I will probably never stop, as I enjoy video games way too much. Even if I do have other things i’m interested in such as languages, mangas and animes or martial arts, in the end it all goes back to video games being my favorite activity 90% of the time. I’m not a professional player by any means, but I have been a passionate player for more than 30 years now so you could say i’m an experienced casual. I do love winning and I do my best at all times, but I love discovering new games even more so I rarely linger on one single game long enough to fully master it. In more recent years I picked up the hobby of hunting trophies to finish as many games as I could at 100%. Though it only depicts my last few years of gaming on ps3 and ps4 mainly, you’re wecome to check out the list if you’re curious about what kind of games I play.

My preferences in video games

I consider myself to be an all around gamer, playing a wide variety of games with only a couple exceptions. I love variety and new discoveries: discovering new mechanics, new powers, exploring new worlds, seeing new characters and experiencing new stories. As such, RPGs constitute my favorite genre hands down. Always big new worlds filled with secrets to explore, battle through with different characters, mechanics and powers, specializations (I love making builds) and stories, sub-stories, etc… While I do appreciate a lot of western RPG series such as Dragon Age, Mass Effect, The Elder Scrolls, Fallout and the Witcher (I so love the Witcher…) I tend to prefer J-RPGs (I’m a Japan fan after all) such as Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Dark Souls, Nioh, and so on… I do love all types of RPGs, be it classic turn based ones to action RPGs, tactical RPGs or MMORPGs. I especially love japanese chara design and OSTs in those games and the over the top powers you get to use that are both ridiculous and spectacular. I love the feeling of progression in those games and seeing as you start out with just rags and a wooden sword and end up saving the world within the week.

Right next comes the survival horror genre. I’m a big horror movie fan and I love anything paranormal/ghost/undead related. I do not believe in any of them but I’m fond of the atmosphere these create. even in RPGs my favorite places and often the paranormal bits such as Doom Train in final Fantasy 6. As I crave this atmosphere I play games such as Resident Evil, The Evil Within, Deadspace, The Forbidden Siren, etc… I just can’t get enough exploring haunted places and defending myself against hordes of undeads. Playing those characters lost in these deadly places fighting for survival against odds out of this world is just so thrilling for me.

Fighting games are next. Like many, I discovered this genre with Street fighter 2 at the time and got sucked into it pretty much instantly. I was pretty much a first for me to play against my friends instead of with them, and it was pretty thrilling. I spent hours and hours fighting against them and had lots of fun out of it. Later with the advent of internet and online features, it became a great battlefield around the world and sometimes I feel the urge to launch of these and go fight it out with people out there. It never gets boring.

To sum up the rest of the types of games I enjoy, I would say any kind of beat’em up (I used to play them a lot in arcade centers: Final Fight, Knights of the Round, Cadillac and dinosaurs, Alien vs Predator, or more recently Devil May Cry, God of War, etc…), action platformers (Mega Man, Castlevania,…), third person shooters (Uncharted, Tomb Raider,…) and all kinds of fun little retro games.

To be honest, I play almost everything, except sports games or anything vehicle based (I hate driving in games). I’m also not fond of FPS and almost never play these with a few exceptions like Borderlands or Metro.

How japan came into my life

Between the SNES and the beginning of playstation, I started seeing the picture in terms of game releases all over the world. I realized that our european versions were coming out pretty much last and weren’t even translated for most of them. First games would come out in Japan, then the US, then us… Sometimes not even. That became my main reason to learn english pretty early: I would then be able to understand all these games and get them earlier by ordering them from the US (yeah I was already a geek). Everything was fine with this until I saw some early pictures of the announced Final Fantasy 7 in a magazine. To say I couldn’t wait to play this game would not be enough to describe how much hyped I was about it. I couldn’t even get it in the US version, so I had to wait for an excrutiatingly long time to finally get my hands on it… In a botched french version… It was back then that I first though how great it would be if I could just read japanese and play those games directly in that version. However, it seemed too complicated to pick up on my own like english and I was already busy with school, so I gave up the idea.

Much later, after finishing up with my english studies, I dug up this idea again and decided to seriously try to learn japanese. Unfortunately for me, the only real university with japanese was located in Paris, which was way too far and expensive for me, so I had to pretty try doing it on my own. As I did for english I wanted some games in that language so I could start studying it while still enjoying games, as nothing boosts my motivation more than that, and playing games in japanese was my end goal anyway. As I started to understand games and animes more and more, I finally decided to go experience Japan for myself.

This trip was a revelation for me. All I knew of Japan from books, websites, games and animes was pretty much there (in a realistic version of course) and it was great. The more I discovered about this culture, the more I fell in love with it. Landscapes, food, mentality, traditional achitecture, traditional clothing, famous spots… I just couldn’t get enough. While reality is of course pretty different than mangas, you can still see a lot of those famous things among otakus such as schoolgirls in uniforms in the streets or miko in temples or even people in yukata during summer festivals. It’s all there, and it’s just as good in real life as it is in fiction. I so look forward to going back there when I can. I came back from Japan with my head filled with dreams and my suitcase full of games that I enjoyed playing over and over again while improving my japanese and I always feel like playing them again.

How this website works for me

First of all I would like to get something out of the way: I am NOT a professional by any means. Not a professional gamer, not a professional critic, or writer, or teacher. I consider this website a fanzine of sorts where I will be free to play and talk about my passion and make it evolve as I please. I’m a big video game lover, as well as animes, mangas, Japan in general and the japanese language, and this website is a platform I’m having fun making and I want it to remain this way. As such, I do not want to force myself to play games I don’t want to, or talk about games I don’t feel like talking about (or at least I won’t go as far as writing a whole article on such a game).

I have called my game articles “reviews” for lack of a better word for now, but they are not professional reviews: they are about my own personal experience with those games, and what I liked or didn’t like about them. I do set ratings on graphics, audio, etc… But it’s for fun: I loved those magazines in that kind of format as a kid and I want to create the same kind of atmosphere here. So please don’t take these ratings at face value, they are not objective, they are my opinion and how I felt about a particuliar game. I will leave the comment section open on every article as I would love to hear some constructive opinions about how everyone feels about those games as well. Any opinion is valid as long as it’s constructive and polite. My goal is to make a website with a nice mood and community if possible, and while I value every opinion even if they’re opposite to mine, I will of course delete/ban any toxic comments. Critics and trolls are welcomed, toxicity isn’t. Finally, I wish to only talk about games I’ve actually completed (100% whenever possible) so I won’t ever be writing anything about a game I only played for a couple of hours. I’m a trophy hunter at heart, so finishing games 100% is something I tend to do a lot. If anyone wishes to check which games I have completed (at least for the ps3 and ps4) you’re welcomed to check my PSN profile page (the link is at the top of this page in my profile summary).

For the Japan section, I wish to talk about various things, such as my experiences when I went to Tokyo for a month, japanese culture (especially folklore), movies and more. I will also try my hand at making some very specific “lessons” in the school section where I will try to teach what I know about japanese and how to use it for gaming, and probably give some vocabulary useful in games to get started for anyone curious about the language and willing to try playing some games in japanese. I love this language and it will be a great opportunity for me to practice again and keep learning as well. It will not be “professional” once more, but I believe learning with things you love (video games and mangas in this case) is the ultimate method to learn, much better than a boring classroom.

Finally, I am alone making this website and It’s my first time making one. I am not experienced so I will have technical limitations as I’m learning how to do things, as well as limited funds. So please do not expect anything above amateur level until I get better at it if I have the opportunity. Feedback is always welcomed.

The final word for myself

The final word for myself

“ Have fun ”

In conclusion

I hope you now have a clearer idea of how this website will work and my goal making it. I will also be using a twitter account to communicate news about this website or communicate in general ^^. I would also love to do some streams on twitch when I have time about all sorts of games (definetely not going to be any Fortnite or FPS games or Minecraft or Fifa though I know it won’t be popular but hey as long as it’s fun).

Happy gaming !


Fanzine by a gamer who fell in love with both video games and japan for life.

© Otaku Boar 2018


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